Unique. Unlikely. Irreverent.


48 years old, married, mother of two and bank employee.


Marta de Ornelas discovered her true talent in 2016, when, by accident, she tried to create works of art with common objects, often having no idea what they were for, simply knowing that there was immense potential and hidden beauty in them, that deserved to be shared.


At the age of 40 this was a wonderful discovery and learning, and her tendency to romanticize her art and leave a little bit of herself in every piece produced has resulted in a successful career path, with national and international visibility over the years.


“I often have no idea what the materials are for, but I find them beautiful. Each piece is made for me, so there’s a lot in me in each one.”


Marta de Ornelas’s creative process is based on the appropriation and de-contextualization of everyday objects, transforming them into works of art, accessible to anyone who loves them as much as their author.


Her pieces rarely cause indifference and she draws inspiration from the simplicity of things, from the delicate but unbreakable Woman, like most of the materials used in her creations.


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Castelo de Palmela, Loja 1
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Setúbal, Portugal