MdO - #011 (120€)


MdO - #009 (140€)


MdO - #007 (20€)


MdO - #010 (30€)




Pure and hard materials that hide incredible beauty that deserves to be shared.

Cork, clips, rubber bands, washers, electrical wires, and even fish and garden supplies!
Non-spoiling and unlikely materials that simply don’t break, make up the pieces of the designer Marta de Ornelas, who finds in their simplicity an incredible beauty and offers them a new life and ambition.

It is inevitable to identify in her irreverent pieces a clear reference to Women: delicate in presence and strong in essence!

In her exclusive pieces, we find her artistic identity, based on the perfect combination of innovative design and the use of less noble and conventional materials.

Marta de Ornelas defies conformity and the common, always opting for the reverse of the coin and for the unexpected and provocative, considering each of her pieces as a unique and unrepeatable work of art.

MdO - #001 (140€)

MdO - #002 (120€)

MdO - #003 (Sold)

MdO - #004 (Sold)

MdO - #005 (120€)